Faye's Place Elder Club

Are you caring for an older adult who may be isolated, unable to get out on a regular basis or simply needs socialization? Do you know a senior with a physical limitation and/or a mild to moderate memory challenge? If so, Faye’s Place Group Respite Program may be a wonderful opportunity. Faye’s Place meets three days a week in Asheville (Tue, Wed, Thur) and one day a week in Hendersonville (Tue). – to provide socialization and support in a group setting through peer-to-peer communication and peer-level understanding of common memories and life experiences. We provide services in Buncombe and Henderson counties.

Program Overview

Enjoyable, educational and memory-enhancing activities are provided within a structured and supervised environment. Nutritious vegetarian meals are prepared on-site and enjoyed within a peer community to foster meal enjoyment and improved nutrition. Appropriate physical activities are included to improve or maintain strength and balance. Faye’s Place is a structured social program, a unique approach to senior care. It is not adult day care, a dementia group, or a senior center. Our team includes a program manager, a program coordinator, a program facilitator, a professional cook, and trained volunteer assistants. We offer individual, respectful, and caring support.

Caregiver Benefits

Caregivers will have peace of mind knowing loved ones are well-cared-for in a safe, welcoming, secure environment. Professional administration and caring and trained volunteers for loved ones allow time for self-care and to pursue personal activities. We also offer confidential consultations and resources for aging issues


Transportation may be arranged with Buncombe County Mountain Mobility and Henderson County Apple Country and need-based scholarships may be available upon request.

Learn more

To inquire about enrollment and participation in the program, to arrange for one of our staff members or volunteers to visit your organization or agency to provide an in-person presentation about Faye’s Place, or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, please contact Neave Higgins (neave@jfswnc.org) at 828-253-2900.